General conditions of the rental agreement

1. The rates for the individual transfers excludes pick up and reconciliation of couriers, guides or assistants.

2. The company is not liable for luggage, objects or things usually left unattended and/or lost on the bus.

3. The company is not liable for damages resulting from causes not attributable to it (rain, snow, people's movements, floods, strikes, delays resulting from traffic, etc.) neither for damage resulting from mechanical failure.

4. In the event of cancellation of the service by the customer within 48 hours prior penalty will be applied. If the booking is canceled after this time will be charged a penalty equal to 50% of the agreed amount. Any access permission to the cities and any car parks, if you already purchased at the moment of cancellation, will be charged entirely.

5. In accordance with current European legislation on driving times and rest periods for drivers, we listed below the rules that the Company is obliged to respect:
· DAILY DISPOSAL: 12 hours maximum.
· DAILY DISPOSAN DRIVING: 9 hours maximum - every 4 hours and 30 minutes are observed 45 minutes to reset.
· DAILY REST: 11 consecutive hours in any 24 hours with curtailment to 9 consecutive hours three days a week to recover before the end of the following week.
· WEEKLY RESET: 24 consecutive hours every 6 days of work.
The not compliance of the disposal above causes the decurtation of 2 points from the driving license for the driver in addition to the confiscation of the vehicle as well as additional penalties provided by law.

6. The organization of multi-day trips must take place within the limits of paragraph 4 above, and must therefore be given particular attention to the start times and end of services.

7. Rates excludeds: driver board and lodging, highway tolls, parking, permits access to the cities, border taxes, crossing mountain passes, transportation on trains, ferries and motorboats, tip the driver.

8. Can't be transported animals, you need a written request.

9.They can be transported in the luggage compartment of the minibus and the car at most n. 1 luggage per person with a maximum size of 140 cm (sum of length, height and depth) and one piece of hand luggage per person, not to exceed 85 cm (sum of length, height and width) to store in the compartment.
Subject to available space may be allowed on board even more luggage .

10. The service is paid in advance.

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